Meet the Team

Action Team consists of two highly qualified and specialized trainers. Bringing you the best in both health & fitness


Sarah Ghilardi

Teaching Yoga and Pilates is my passion. I completed my first Yoga training with Bikram Choudhury in Los Angeles 2012. Later, I started teaching in Zurich then New York upon graduation. I recently became a pilates instructor under the mentorship of Gabriela Walter in 2017 in New York City. I enjoy using yoga and pilates techniques to help strengthen my clients' body's and minds to help them throughout their everyday lives. 

My training style is technical and because of this my clients immediately start applying a lifestyle change to elevate their wellness level. My mission is to make them feel more confident in their body and life for a healthier and happier life.

Don't miss your opportunity to start training with me and the Action Team to get what you've  always wanted!


Chris Parnell

After a few years doing jobs in sales, advertising, and radio promotions I never liked how I looked or felt. Running around eating fast food and not having time to think about what I was eating did not make me feel good, and that also translated when I looked in the mirror. 

I finally left and decided to train. Since then I’ve been happier with my results and also seeing people feel the same way I did when I saw my first abdominal. I’ve traveled with clients on music tours, been sponsored by Adidas, and spoke on panels. That has been all within the first year of my career. Can’t wait to help people feel the same!